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5 Benefits of Sleep for Busy Women, Rejuvenate your own Sleep Routine!

As a Nutritionist and Health and Weight Loss Coach, I am always telling my clients that getting enough sleep is key for our physical and mental well-being, but few people understand the importance of maintaining a consistent sleep schedule when it comes to effective weight loss that lasts.

You see, getting enough sleep every night is crucial for healthy weight loss as well as for reducing stress levels, improving overall health, and helping you stay productive and alert.

Here’s what you need to know about why it's so important for losing weight and keeping it off, to make sure that you’re getting quality rest each night:

  • Studies show that a good night's sleep can aid your ability to lose weight.

  • Getting enough sleep can actually reduce your appetite by controlling and moderating your hunger hormones, and helps you make better choices as cravings for carbohydrates and sugary foods are reduced.

  • A good night's sleep helps you have enough energy to enjoy regular exercise which in turn helps you have a better night's sleep.

  • Getting to bed earlier increases sleep time and helps avoid late-night snacking which is associated with greater weight gain.

  • Good quality sleep helps regulate your metabolism, which helps your body burn fat for longer whilst you sleep.

Sound asleep - Zest Nutrition Sleep Tips

Sleep is also beneficial for managing stress levels - and stress is something you want to keep in check when it comes to releasing weight and keeping it off, as when your body is in stress mode, as in flight or fight, the digestion process shuts down!

If you don't get enough sleep or have an irregular sleeping pattern, then this can contribute to higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. Too much cortisol can then lead to other health issues like increased blood pressure, a weakened immune system and weight gain.

A lack of sleep can also carry over into other areas of life such as work performance or personal relationships.

Here are five key tips I give my clients to help establish a regular sleep pattern:

  1. Set up an evening routine – find what works for you. An example would be: do some journaling or brain dump if there is a lot on your mind, then have lovely relaxing Epsom salt and Essential Oil bath or a warm shower, and climb into bed and read your book. No, not a work-related book, a lovely novel. Or maybe do some stretching before bed and put on some essential oils or do some meditation, or a guided breathing session. There are plenty of free apps for this. The key is to find what you like doing so that you can be consistent.

  2. Avoid caffeine late in the day – finish your last cup of coffee or caffeinated tea with lunch. Drink plenty of water between your meals, then after dinner, you could have a tea made from fresh peppermint from your garden, or any other tea made from fresh herbs or spices. Lemongrass or lemon balm are good too.

  3. Take naps sparingly – napping during the day can impair your sleep at night. So if you feel sleepy in the afternoon, go for a gentle walk, or take your dog out, they will love it. Making sure you are well nourished as this improves energy and avoids the afternoon dip. Keep naps for Sunday afternoons.

  4. Avoid alcohol too close to bedtime – having alcohol in your bloodstream seriously impairs sleep. You do not sleep as deeply, and your poor liver has lots of work to do at night. You also feel groggier in the morning and crave more junk food. So, make sure you stop a few hours before bed and just drink water.

  5. Keep electronics out of the bedroom – yes, that includes your phone. Blue light messes with your circadian rhythms making it harder for you to switch off. Your body naturally makes more melatonin when it gets darker, so keep the lights dimmed to increase your melatonin levels and read in bed rather than doing the endless scroll.

Can you now see how establishing and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule is essential for anyone looking to lose weight, increase their energy and feel fabulous in their clothes again?

When you get a good night’s rest, every night, the positive health impacts ripple out across your whole life! So, let’s prioritise sleep from tonight on!


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