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Struggling to get rid of sugar cravings?
Would you like to enjoy fresh whole food without all the added sugar?

Over 3 Days, we will talk all about sugar and how to kick start your weight loss without sugar!

3-Day Sugar Detox Solution - 13th May 2024


Registration is FREE, but spaces are Limited.  Claim your spot by registering on the link below:

Question for you...

What's one of the best ways to experience better sleep, energy, and results from your meals in just 5 days?




Here's why sugar is such a progress killer!


⛔ It affects your hormones, your energy, your mood, and even your waistline!


⛔ Cutting back isn't easy. Not only can cutting out added sugar cause cravings, but it can also leave you feeling tired, blah, and worse.


⛔ It has a way of sneaking its way into all sorts of foods, and is pretty much everywhere in our food supply.


👍 That’s EXACTLY why I created the Sugar Detox! It’s a free 5-day challenge to help you eliminate added sugars from your diet.

Here is what you get!

  • Added sugar free recipe eBook

  • 3 days of email prompts

  • You own PDF quick sugar success manual as a BONUS

  • 3 days of live training in our private FB group with our qualified nutritionist Zita

  • An awesome opportunity

But I'm only opening up this challenge for FREE for a limited time.

Click below to sign up for free today! 👇👇

Who is behind this thing?

Zita Dixon Profile Picture - Zest Nutrition.jpg

Hi! I’m Zita Dixon.


I’m a Nutritionist and Master Health Coach specialising in helping busy woman lose weight whilst being well nourished, so that they can feel comfortable and confident in their skin, with out just eating rabbit food. 


I know if you apply my methods, you will be able to build momentum with your health and weight loss goals without frustration or confusion.

Check out what my clients say:

Wait...Why is this Free?

I found out about Zita and MB after asking a friend about her weight loss. I had been dealing with poor gut health for years and as a result experienced multiple symptoms. I’d had investigations and tried multiple elimination diets with little success.

After speaking with Zita she reassured me she could help me. To hear those words was emotional to say the least and with Zita’s guidance and support I now have very little to no gut issues anymore. It’s been truly life changing.


I released 11kg in the process and also my periods are now lighter and pain free. Incredible. Zita will guide you every step of the way with her knowledge and genuine passion to help you achieve your goals. Inside and outside :-)

~ Angela ~

Getting weight under control without exercise – that was the headline grabber for me. Years of bad eating habits had taken a toll and I needed a total mind and eating ritual reset. Zita’s coaching and the Metabolic Balance program have been my solution.


I achieved my goals on time and now 6 months on I haven’t looked back – healthier and happier.


Zita my heartfelt thanks for your support, encouragement and friendship.

~ April ~

Quite simply, I love sharing helpful tips and resources about this topic, because I know how challenging it can be. There's no catch.

The 3-Day Sugar Detox Solution is 100% free, and if you need more help after it’s over (and it feels right to you), you can learn more about the other resources and support I offer.

There’s no pressure or obligation for you to sign up for anything at the end of this - that option will simply be there if you need it.

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