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6 Steps to Reboot Your Metabolism

My Total Body Confidence Method (TBC Method) is the ultimate weight loss and mindset program. I have used all aspects of my knowledge and put together a program so that you can sustain your new lifestyle.

We not only address the super important food aspect, we, also help you work through your food psychology, what drives you in the kitchen and make sure that you are eating delicious simply prepared food that is ideal for your body.

TBC Method is a fully supported method. We use a combination of 1:1 consultations and group coaching, your very own nutrition plan and food list and online modules to ensure that all aspects of your weight loss needs are met.

This is definitely not a 12-week challenge where you go back to the way you were before. This method is designed for you to be able to continue with success after our support finishes.

The length depends on what you need. We have 3, 6 and 12 months support.

Here is a run down of my 6 steps


A comprehensive initial consultation.

We meet 1:1 to get a clear understanding of your health and weight loss needs. We assess your symptoms, lifestyle, sleep, stress, eating patterns, food preferences, and exercise.

We then organise your metabolic blood test, (covering Liver, Kidneys, Full Blood Exam, Immune, Thyroid, Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Enzymes, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Iron Studies)We like to get an understanding of what drives you in the kitchen and help you get organised.


Creating a successful mindset.

We set some tangible goals, work though your mindset towards food, look at diet mentality vs lifestyle mentality and really help you understand how and why you may be self-sabotaging your success.


Discover your optimal nutrition to reset your metabolism.

Here is where you get your very own nutrition plan that is set on your blood chemistry. This ensures that it is completely individual and designed to reset your metabolism. It is a clear and easy to follow plan.

I provide recipes and meal prep tips and tricks, so that you can create balanced and nourishing meals. You get a clear understanding and coaching to get the absolute best results. We also provide individual supplementation as required from the results of your blood test.


Balancing being healthy with everyday life.

This is where you get an understanding of how to fit your new lifestyle into your life. How to encompass work meetings and social event.


Understanding the emotional side of food and what types of hunger you are experiencing.


More recipes and the all-important cooking with fats.


Self-care for success.

Such an important part of a healthy lifestyle and often something that is overlooked by busy women.


We work through the impact of stress on your weight loss and help you understand what self-care works for you.


We also cover what movement is best for you to sustain your weight loss.


Sustaining your new lifestyle.

Here we get a good understanding of how the body burns fat and give you an understanding of how to get back on track if life gets in the way.


We provide an understanding of what to do when the program has finished so that you can continue on a healthy path.


In the spirit of wanting to cover every aspect of your health journey, we have provided a bonus of cooking videos for you to see me actually cooking the food and the simplicity of how to nourish your body with delicious, easy to prepare meals.

See a short sample below ...

Ready to take the first step?

It's simple - just book a FREE Discovery call today, I'd love to explain more about this fantastic program!

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