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Metabolism Kickstart Program

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2 Week Metabolism Kickstart

Start whenever you wish!


Welcome to your 2 Week Metabolism kick start, a time where you will focus on YOU and on nourishing YOUR body, mind and soul with delicious, healthy food and practices that will naturally increase your energy levels, boost metabolism, reduce bloating and help with weight loss to set you up for a healthy lifestyle change.


The reason this program came about is that sometimes a 3-month program is just too much of a commitment, but my clients still want to be guided and feel better. So, I came up with my kickstart. It’s only a bite-size, 2-week commitment and very economical.

The program is 14 days in total, with the first 3 days as a ‘prep phase’ to give you time to read through all the materials, get organised and start to wean yourself off things like coffee, sugar and alcohol.

This program is NOT about starvation – it’s about enjoying an abundance of healthy whole foods and celebrating feeling good.

There are recipes and meal plans included for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. 

This program is designed for you to do on your own, whenever you are ready.   

And as a bonus, you are fully supported in an inclusive private Facebook group, where you can answer questions and share your journey.

What's included in your Metabolism Kick Start Program?

  • 2 weeks of fresh, healthy, delicious and easy to make recipes, meal plans and shopping list.

  • There is also a very clear guide and kick start outline if you prefer to use your own recipes.

  • A detailed guide on how to do the program.

  • 4 group sessions with Zita over 2 weeks.

  • A private, supportive Facebook group to ask questions and to share your journey

  • A food journal to keep track of your progress.

  • 3 days of preparation to help you organise your kitchen and get into a healthy mindset.

  • Daily reminders and healthy tips for you to learn about how to keep your body healthy. Tips include hydration, sleep, an understanding of the different types of nutrients your body needs, how stress effects our bodies and tips to deal with it, to mention a few. With a little gift at the end.

  • All of this for an investment in your health of $97,with extra value of live mentoring in our private Facebook Group.



The idea behind this program is to help you reset your metabolism and learn how to continue on a healthy path after your 14 days.


What people are saying about the Kick Start Program

Hi Zita, I just thought I would touch base with you to let you know how much I am enjoying the 2-week kick start.  The meals are amazing, and I haven't felt hungry at all.


I feel so much better and so far, I have lost 3.5k which I am also amazed at. Thanks for all the motivation along the way. Thanks again!

~ Jenny ~

Hi Zita. I have finally made time for myself and focussed on my health. I am so happy that there is a vegetarian option too. This is exactly what I needed to set myself up for a healthier summer.


The recipes are delicious and easy to prepare, and I feel like I have my energy back. My clothes are loser too. Thank you for creating this program.

~ Haley ~

So what are you waiting for? Kickstart your metabolism today!

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