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Who is behind this thing?

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Hi! I’m Zita Dixon.


I’m a Nutritionist and Health Coach specialising in helping woman lose weight whilst being well nourished, so that they can feel comfortable and confident in their skin, with out just eating rabbit food. 


I know if you apply my methods, you will be able to build momentum with your health and weight loss goals without frustration or confusion.

Check out what my clients say:

I found out about Zita and MB after asking a friend about her weight loss. I had been dealing with poor gut health for years and as a result experienced multiple symptoms. I’d had investigations and tried multiple elimination diets with little success.

After speaking with Zita she reassured me she could help me. To hear those words was emotional to say the least and with Zita’s guidance and support I now have very little to no gut issues anymore. It’s been truly life changing.


I released 11kg in the process and also my periods are now lighter and pain free. Incredible. Zita will guide you every step of the way with her knowledge and genuine passion to help you achieve your goals. Inside and outside :-)

~ Angela ~

Getting weight under control without exercise – that was the headline grabber for me. Years of bad eating habits had taken a toll and I needed a total mind and eating ritual reset. Zita’s coaching and the Metabolic Balance program have been my solution.


I achieved my goals on time and now 6 months on I haven’t looked back – healthier and happier.


Zita my heartfelt thanks for your support, encouragement and friendship.

~ April ~

Wait...Why is this Free?

Quite simply, I love sharing helpful tips and resources about this topic, because I know how challenging it can be. There's no catch.

The 5-Day Empowered Weight Success Solution is 100% free, and if you need more help after it’s over (and it feels right to you), you can learn more about the other resources and support I offer.

There’s no pressure or obligation for you to sign up for anything at the end of this - that option will simply be there if you need it.

We start on the 12th February, 2024

Healthy Brunch

Empowering you to Build the Foundations of Successful Weight Loss.

Have you been thinking of going on a diet? 

Still struggling with your Christmas belly? 

Do you often say, "Right, I'm starting on Monday!" and by Tuesday is all gone sideways? 

How many Mondays have passed with no change and how many Mondays are you going to let slip by?  

What if you could actually kickstart your healthy routine and see weight loss results in just 5 days?

I designed this program to empower you with the solution to build the foundations of healthy weight loss so that you can put it into action, reboot your metabolism and be ready to jump into the program you want and actually have the success you crave! 


We start officially on the 12th February, but you will have access to all the information beforehand to get prepared!

Join us here: 5-Day Empowered Weight Success Solution  

I promise that in 5 days you will set yourself up with empowered and successful weight loss strategies!


I guarantee that I will support with you over these 5 days to build healthy habits to take you forward with success. 


We will be supporting you all the way, busting through those old patterns that are holding you back and empowering you with the knowledge to kickstart your successful weight loss. 

Get ready to be successful with the... 5-Day Empowered Weight Success Solution!

We start on the 12th February 2024

When you sign up for this solution, you get:

  • Delicious, easy to prepare recipes, you’ll love to eat!

  • A detailed shopping list to save you tons of time at the shop. 

  • A suggested meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you don’t have to wonder what to eat to get the results you want and save you time when it comes to preparing your meals. 

  • An online community of women successfully rocking this 5-day Solution Program with you. 

  • Worksheets and cheats sheets for you to keep. 

  • All materials will be available in our private FB community. 

  • Daily live training with our qualified Nutritionist.


We kick off on Monday 12th February, 2024

Register Here


As a BONUS for joining us you will get:

  • Free Health Check call with our nutritionist and master coach, Zita.

  • My portion size guide handout. 


Spots are limited and registration is only available till 12th February. No late entries.


Who is this solution for: 

  • You’re a professional woman who is desperate to get your confidence back and you’re ready to make positive health changes.

  • You are sick and tired of feeling like you are sitting on the side lines of your life.

  • You are wanting to kickstart your weight loss and learn some healthy habits.

  • You would actually like to enjoy the summer and feel comfortable on the beach. 


Who is this solution not for: 

  • You are looking for a magic pill and not willing to take the steps to look after your body.

  • You are not willing to cook your own food and prefer relying on takeaways. 

  • You are looking for a quick fix.

  • Someone else wants you to do this. It has to be what you want.


You can be successful on this plan even if you:

  • Have struggled with weight loss in the past

  • Have bad eating habits

  • Are constantly on the go

  • Are barely keeping up with your crazy work and home schedule!  


The 5-Day Empowered Weight Success Solution Gets You RESULTS!

Check out what people are saying about this challenge: 

“I have attended Zita Dixon's Zest Nutrition 5-Day program.

Before training I was sure I was eating ok but thought I would do the program out of interest.

After the training I have realised I was so wrong! I knew nothing about healthy eating or what my body needed!

I would recommend Zita and her challenge because the meals are yummy, and you don't feel like you're 'dieting'. I even dropped 3 kilograms on this challenge. Zita is so helpful, down to earth, realistic, and most importantly easy to approach to ask questions. If you are looking for a quick program to help jump start you that is packed with information and yummy food this is the program for you!” – V


"Thank you so much for your guidance, implementing new habits and increasing real foods in my diet. I even dropped a kilo in 5 days." – J


What are you waiting for? 

Join us now: 5-Day Empowered Weight Success Solution 

We kick off on the 12th February

Register now as places are limited.

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